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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Women and Lap Dances

Recently I wrote a book in which lap dances played a prominent part. Not just girl on guy lap dances but girl on girl lap dances. Yes, I said girl on girl and it’s not only girl on homosexual girl but often girl on heterosexual girl lap dances.

Writing the, for lack of better wording, lap dance sex scenes, I realized they can be very sexual. These girl on girl lap dances didn’t just pop into my head out of thin air. I researched the subject. The preponderance of the subject came from two sources, an article called The Science of Lap Dances and Ladies Sexing Ladies, the later being a very long and comprehensive study.

For those not familiar with lap dancing, let me explain. Like pole dancing and striping, many ladies have perfected lap dances to an art-form. While pole dancing is generally graceful and gymnastic and strip teases are sexy, lap dances are easily the most erotic—and lucrative. A lap dance scene in the movie Showgirl comes to mind for those who would like to view one, however my lap dances were much sexier, if I do say so.

The mechanics of lap dancing: A lap dance can be simple or complex, clothed or unclothed, touching or no touching, depending on the girl and the club. In a topless club, that is the way a girl is likely to perform and in an all-nude club…I’ll let you figure it out.

The ladies make a good portion of their money from lap dances, including tips, so most lap dances include touching—mostly one way, the girl touching the male or sometimes female customer.

Obviously the girls themselves need to be moderately attractive and have good bodies. Those that don’t meet this threshold filter out of the business often with a damaged ego.

That’s the background for all lap dances. Here’s what I learned about girl on girl lap dances. Reading between the lines it seems that around a third of the dancers are willing to perform a lap dance with another woman. Obviously, many women customers are lesbian, but more than you think are straight and a few are bi-sexual. Straight lady customers can come from all sources, girls partying, girls night out, a boyfriend urging her or just plain curiosity. I wrote a blog a while back about bi-curiosity called Are You Bi-Curious? and another about older women called Over Forty and Over Men. Either of those could fall in this group.

An interesting item I found about girl on girl lap dances is that some dancers will allow more touching and go further with a woman than a man. Part of that is club policy and some, I believe, is the dancers find women to be less threatening.

I could go on and on but that’s the main points. If you'd like to read more, link onto the articles I mentioned.

How, about you readers? Have any of you had a lap dance? I read a story once where every so often a woman would go to a strip club, get a lap dance from a sexy naked or almost naked lady and go home so turned on, she made love to her husband for hours. Does that sound possible? Given the opportunity would any of you have a lap dance? How about giving a lap dance? Have any of you given a lap dance in a club or to your significant other? Tell me what you think. I’d really like to know.


Adriana said...

Fabulous blog, Dee, on a very sexy topic! There's an f/f lap dance in "Full Circle" - our heroine is a high-end erotic dancer, and it's payback time for the roommates who snubbed her in college.

And absolutely yes, the story of a woman coming back home and making love with her husband for hours is plausible - don't you hope that happens with your books, too? We sure do!


Dee Dawning said...

Hi Adiana,
I'm glad you liked blog. I thought it was interesting how clubs allow more intimacy in f/f lap dances. Maybe they never bothered to generate rules for those types of dances. I think a lot of ladies do it on a lark and I would be surprised if they were surprised by how much it turned them on.

Corinne Davies said...

Great topic Dee!

I've never had a lap dace alone but I have had a few with my husband. We're up front with her regarding our ground rules so that she is more comfortable as well. Still, I get the majority of the attention. ;) Yes, we leave directly after and I highly recommend them. LOL

It makes sense to me that a dancer would be more comfortable with a female client. I would think a woman is less likely to get physically violent, or force a dancer to go farther then she wants.

Dee Dawning said...

Yes Corrine, It makes sense to me too, yet only about a third will do it. Funny less will do it in the south than other area. I guess it's that conservative bent.

Glad you more or less confirmed my suspicions.

Tess MacKall said...

Hey Hot Stuff,

I've never had a lap dance from a woman, but I've had one from a male stripper. Talk about hawt. Whew... smokin' off the charts. Very erotic.

And I've given lap dances. Been a while, but I think I've still got one or two left in me. lol

I can see a woman who is married getting a lap dance from a woman and going home all hot and bothered to her hubby. She probably fulfilled a fantasy of some sort doing it.

Love all your blogs, Dee.

Dee Dawning said...

Hi Tess, Thanks much Tess. Next month I'll blog about...I don't know. Maybe the scare mongers. LOL

Kissa Starling said...

Wow, I'd like to comment on this but I'm at a club...getting a lap dance!

: )

Thanks for the heads up Dee!