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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Winding Down 2014

Elizabeth Black writes in a wide variety of genres including erotica, erotic romance, and dark fiction. She lives on the Massachusetts coast with her husband, son, and four cats. Visit her web site, her Facebook page, and her Amazon Author Page.


I love this time of year. It's a time for baking, putting up the tree, getting out the menorah, and playing holiday music on the radio. I haven't been writing much but I have taken an assessment of my year. All in all, it was a good one.

It's good to take a yearly assessment to see if you reached your goals, or achieved ones you hadn't planned on. As my readers know, I write both erotic romances and dark fiction. I either published or saw accepted six short stories this year – three romances and three dark ones. I also succeeded in getting my first short story accepted by Cleis Press. I've been trying to get into Cleis for years, and I finally succeeded. Here's a list:

Dreadful Dissonance – dark fiction
Asphodel – dark fiction
Infection – dark fiction
Longing – erotic romance
Sleep Well, My Love – erotic m/m romance
Like A Breath Of Ocean Blue – erotic lesbian romance

Three of my novels are currently sitting at either publishers or agents waiting for an acceptance. Two are erotic romances and one is a family saga/thriller.

I didn't get into all the anthologies I had wanted to get into, but I'm satisfied with how I did. My goals for 2015 are to get at least six short stories published (either horror or romance, doesn't matter as long as I have a minimum of six), find a home for those novels, do more radio shows, and self-publish my new book of erotic fairy tales. That list doesn't sound like much, but it's actually more than enough.

So that was my 2014. Many publishers are closed for submissions for the season, and I'm taking full advantage. There are a couple of anthology calls due by the end of January so I'll try to whip us something for them. Look for more fiction from me in 2015. Happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thanksgiving has ended for another year. Before the Thanksgiving week, most businesses already had Christmas trees and other decorations filling their stores. I do love Christmas, but I don’t feel we should start the holiday this early.
It seems Halloween had just passed when communities were already decorating the posts on the main streets of town with lighted angels and other brightly lit ornaments. In my opinion, I would like holidays separated so we can enjoy one at a time.
Maybe it’s the store owners that are pushing the holidays forward to sell more products. If so, they should take stock and realize how the person feels that are buying those products.
Recently, I walked through a store and stood in line to pay for my purchases. Two women ahead of me were talking about how early everything was put out for Christmas. They must have felt like I did wanting to enjoy each holiday instead of jumping into the next one too soon.
My question to anyone reading this post. Do you enjoy every holiday overlapping the next one, or would you rather have each one separated so they could be celebrated one at a time?
Now for a little promoting. My next book will be wrapped up soon. The tentative title is Demons Outlaw Gang and should be out next month. My book is self-published and will be available at Amazon.com Kindle Books, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.  Smashwords distributes to Apple, iTunes, Kobo to name a few. So keep Demons Outlaw Gang in mind and watch for its release.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Title contest for new collection

It’s official, I have signed a contract with Desert Palm Publishing to publish my newest collection of lesbian erotica. Now I need your help. I have to come up with a title. I’ve got ideas but nothing that has really excited me so I’m turning to you for inspiration. There’s only one guideline. The title has to use my last name in it (Wylde) That’s it. Simple right?

Women Gone Wylde was the title of my first collection and I want to continue the trend by using my name. Here’s the contest details and a list of what the winner gets.

Starting today, November 21st and running through December 15th at midnight Eastern time, I am accepting submissions for title ideas for my newest lesbian erotica collection to be published in May of 2015 by DPP.
You must use the word Wylde somewhere in the title. Send me your ideas, as many as you would like, and I’ll announce the winner after the deadline in December has ended. Email your suggestions to b.wylde@yahoo.com and feel free to spread the word about the contest to anyone you think might be interested.

The winner gets an autographed advanced copy of the book, plus a dedication inside for picking the winning title, and a $20 Amazon gift certificate.

Send me those ideas!!!! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Be sure to include your email so I can notify the winner and get your information for the dedication, gift certificate and advanced signed copy.

Monday, November 3, 2014


We just celebrated Halloween; one of my favorite holidays. This year it was a little cool, but the weather didn’t stop the neighborhood kids from making a path to my door. I love to see the different costumes; especially the ones that are put together by parents. Some of them are so original.

On Halloween night we had vampires, Cinderella’s, rock stars, hobo’s to name a few. One that caught my attention was a clown with a bright red nose that squeaked when the little boy tweaked it.

When my two children were in grade school, one wanted a costume from a store and the other wanted me to make his for the school celebration. I can say the homemade costume usually won or came in second or third, but this didn’t stop my youngest from still wanting something bought from a store.

He thought what I concocted looked a little strange and he wouldn’t be caught wearing it, but dismissed the fact that the homemade outfit always made it to the final judging and usually won. LOL

I’ve always loved the spooky holiday. It makes me feel good to give out treats to the little ones at my door. But today, with so much violence, a parent has to make sure they know the houses they’re taking their young ones to for safety reasons.

How many out there like this time of the year and Halloween? Do you usually make your own costumes or buy them already made from a store?

My Halloween book Messages From the Grave is now out and can be found at:    www.romancedivine.com


Amazon.com  Kindle Books

Format: E-book

Publication Date: 10 October 2014




Riley Yates' hobby is turning into an obsession, one that may change the course of his life. Intrigued by the idea of recording paranormal voices from the beyond, he spends his time visiting gravesites and analyzing the recordings on his computer. Can he really be hearing a voice from the grave? Will his obsession ruin the life he'd planned with his fiancée, Melissa? What does a person do, when confronted with Messages From the Grave?





Monday, October 20, 2014

Is bigger really better???

I'm not talking about that. Get your minds out of the gutter people. LOL

Today I'm talking about story size. There are all different options now a days with the advent of ebooks. You don't have to buy a novel length drama. There are shorts and super shorts and novellas and everything else in between. I like short stories myself. They are more of a challenge plus I'm often limited on computer time and stopping in the middle of an important place kills my momentum and I have to always go back and read from the beginning before I can go further. When you are looking at a story of 40 or 50 thousand words that can be a real problem.

I can read through the beginning of a short pretty quick and get myself back on track. I also like the fact that I have a limited amount of words to use (most sub calls put a minimum and maximum of what they will accept) so i have to flesh out a story and the characters and i only have a specific amount of words in which to accomplish that feat. I also have to find space to fit in the sex and make it meaningful. There has to be a reason for the sexual encounter. It has to fit in with the story. It can;t just be a long gratuitous sex scene. That's not erotica that's porn and most calls for subs will turn stories like that down flat. It's a delicate line that you have to balance just right.

As a reader i also prefer short stories. Something i can finish in a short sitting otherwise I get deeply involved and i get mean when i have to leave a book in the midst of something major happening. That's why I normally read or write late at night after everyone has gone to bed. Less chance of interruption that way.

So, what type of story to you prefer to read or write and why?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tuesday's Tales - Free Reads

Elizabeth Black here. After about a year of no activity on my part, I'm back to doing "Tuesday's Tales", a fun writing exercise I discovered on Facebook. The gist of it is that writers write a brief story based on a weekly prompt. This week's prompt is "letter". My story for this week is up now, but it officially goes live at midnight tonight for Tuesday morning.

Most of the stories are between Eric and his sweetie. Eric takes her on all sorts of wacky adventures, chock full of sex most of the time. He's always in some sort of trouble. And that makes him all the more endearing.

Feel free to visit my "Tuesday's Tales" label on my blog and read all the stories.

Tuesday's Tales - FREE READS

Also, go to the "Tuesday's Tales" web site to read stories written by other authors. It's best to do this tomorrow so you may catch the latest batch of stories.

Tuesday's Tales - main web site


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Keeping facts straight


While writing a short story or novel, it is wise to do research if you’re delving into history or want to bring in a location where the characters play and live.

I decide on an era for my story and location before finding the information on line. If I’ve visited the place I want to write about I find that  is an added bonus. No research is required.

Some writers will jump into a story with inaccurate facts. If a reader is vigilant, they will notice that something is off when describing a section of the country or city where the story’s based.

As you study the facts to put into your writing, I find it’s interesting to discover something new about a past era or a current day scenario. While doing this, I’m getting a free history lesson in the process.

Once you find what you need to incorporate into the plot, it’s usually smooth sailing from then on. The story begins to unfold centering on a landscape or an old treasure of history from a past generation or of a current day.

My main intention is to give the readers true facts about what they are reading even though these facts are brought into a story written in a fiction genre.

I have a story coming out in the middle of October called Messages From the Grave.  It is based in New York and switches scenarios to Colorado.  With the different locations, I wrote a little history about both places hoping to give the reader an insight into the landscapes and things of interest pertaining to them.

Do readers enjoy reading about different locales, or is the main focus on the story for them?




Messages From the Grave


Mary Suzanne


Title: Messages From the Grave

Amazon.com  Kindle Books

Format: E-book

Publication Date: 10 October 2014


ISBN: 978-1-939010-57-5       


Author: Mary Suzanne


Format: E-Book


Length: 8,625 words     PDF = 55 pp


Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance. Erotic






Riley Yates' hobby is turning into an obsession, one that may change the course of his life. Intrigued by the idea of recording paranormal voices from the beyond, he spends his time visiting gravesites and analyzing the recordings on his computer. Can he really be hearing a voice from the grave? Will his obsession ruin the life he'd planned with his fiancée, Melissa? What does a person do, when confronted with Messages From the Grave?